Not To Do List

Track your list of things NOT to do on. Fight bad habits, reward successes, or even track others' achievements and failures.

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  • Not-To-Do List
  • Earned Rewards
  • Selecting an item to report
  • Upcoming Rewards
  • Sample Not-To-Do Item
  • Report screen


  • Easily view and manage your list of things not to do.
  • Rewards: Set up and track your own rewards (ex: ice cream) and badges (ex: Level 1 Nice Guy Badge) for avoiding the things on your not-to-do list.
  • Motivate: See your earned rewards or upcoming rewards to motivate yourself. Check off earned rewards/badges that you have used/celebrated.
  • Review: Keep track of when your not-to-do actions occurred, assign blame, and add notes so you can review them, learn from them, and see your progress.
  • Share: Send an email summary of your not-to-do list, rewards, and occurrences to others, to help keep you accountable.
  • Export: All data can be exported to CSV files for use with external spreadsheet programs.
  • BONUS: Use this app not only to track yourself, but also to track the mistakes and successes of others: spouse, significant other, children, coworkers, friends, and even foes!


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